CHALLIS Creek Ranch


Horse Boarding Facilities & Equine Retirement Care

Challis Creek Ranch is a state-of-the-art facility set in the most natural environment possible. We're committed to providing complete services to meet both you and your horse’s needs and desires at a reasonable cost. We encourage you to visit the Ranch to see firsthand our facilities as well as ask any questions about the services we offer. Subsequent visits to see your horse(s) are always welcome.

Our client base, both past and present, is unequaled in the equine retirement and horse boarding industry. Written references by our clients and/or direct contact by telephone can be arranged should this be desirable to help you choose CCR to meet your long-term horse care and retirement needs.


Controlled pasture grazing

In addition to the spring, summer, and fall pasture grazing, during the winter months, horses receive a controlled combination of alfalfa and grass to ensure the optimum nutrition required to best adapt to the changing four-season environment and weather conditions of Idaho. If necessary, grains are supplemented as conditions dictate. We pay special attention to new borders through their first full year of acclimation to make sure they don’t have any digestive issues.

Vaccination and Deworming

For the safety of all our boarders, an initial quarantine period and a comprehensive vaccination and deworming program are mandatory. (See Horse Boarding Prices and Requirements for specific details.)



Electric fencing

Electric fencing is utilized to totally eliminate potentially dangerous barbwire, hog wire or other "non horse friendly" containment methods.


Grooming (including bath, shampoo, conditioners and coat spray) can be provided as needed though not a "society requirement" in our large, open range, herd environment. Fly spray and other pest deterrents and control procedures are utilized as conditions dictate.



Medical facilities

Medical facilities for immediate care by local veterinarians are available on premises to cover virtually any contingency 24/7/365. (See Horse Boarding Prices and Requirements, Veterinarian and Related Services section for more details.)

Salt blocks, trace mineral blocks, granular mineral, vegetable and fruit supplements (carrots, apples, pears, etc.) are a frequent provision.

Full Records

A detailed record (including all medical and farrier activities) is maintained electronically for a complete history of all boarders. A copy is available via E-mail attachment (or hard copy via good ol' "snail mail") upon request.



Daily well-checks

Each horse receives a daily “well check” which also includes neck and ear rubs for continued human interaction and photo opportunities. It is a routine that both we and the horses look forward to.