CHALLIS Creek Ranch


Horse Boarding Prices - Stable Rates - Costs

Challis Creek Ranch (CCR) offers a wide range of short and long term horse boarding services to meet your explicit needs. A copy of our boarding agreement outlining applicable rates for available services can be requested utilizing the Information Request Form. The specific service categories have been detailed down below. Please have a look or give us a call at our number for any further questions.

Retired horses are boarded at a monthly base rate payable quarterly in advance. Lifetime Charges are available and will be negotiated on a case by case basis depending upon the age, health, and realistic life expectancy of your horse.
Veterinarian services are billed upon occurrence at our cost plus a Bookkeeping/Service Fee. Vaccinations administered by CCR (with prior written approval of the owner) are at CCR vaccine cost plus 15% in addition to a vaccination fee (per horse). CCR follow up medications and/or treatment administered by CCR personnel are at CCR cost for applicable supplies plus 15% in addition to any applicable labor costs at the then current CCR labor rate.
Supplements and/or supplemental feed and/or grains recommended by a veterinarian (but always with prior approval of the owner) or requested by the owner is at CCR cost plus 15% in additon to any applicable labor at the then current CCR labor rate.
Farrier costs are at the then current charge for local farrier services. Should tranquilizing be required for behavioral problems, applicable veterinary charges will be added. Non-tranquilized but otherwise difficult to handle horses requiring extended service time may necessitate an additional charge based upon actual time required.
Should area transport be required (e.g.-to a veterinary facility for dental work, emergency services, or other services) that cannot be easily, realistically, or conveniently done at CCR a transportation fee for mileage plus applicable labor at the then current CCR Labor Rate will apply.
A Challis Creek Ranch Cemetery site and burial service (plus veterinary euthanizing, when applicable) is available. This service includes installation of a reasonable sized grave marker (if desired) to be provided by the owner.

Our Vaccination Routine

EHV-1 & EHV-4 Rhinopneumonitis; Eastern, Western & Venezuelan Encephalomylitis; Influenza, Type A1, A2 & KY93; Tetanus; Potomac Fever; Rabies Vaccine; West Nile Virus; and dewormer.
EHV-1 & EHV-4 Rhinopneumonitis; Influenza, Type A1, A2 & KY93; and dewormer.